Fukka Chan - Mascot of Fukaya City, Japan

7:58:00 PM

Fukka Chan greeted me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

(Picture not mine. From Facebook)


Fukka Chan is the city mascot/ambassador of Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan. 

He's suppose to be a Scallion. I think lol.

Fukka Chan also has an official website:
 (Click on the image to check out the site! BTW it's in Japanese)

You could also him on Facebook!
(Click on the image if you wanna add him!)

Fukka Chan is a fine example of a Yuru-kyara, cute mascots that represent the town their from. If you check out Fukka's picture albums on Facebook, you'll see Fukka Chan hangout w/ his fellow yuru-kyaras that came from different parts of Japan.

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